Dancing Dog     (category : Videos)

Here is a cool video where a lady and a dog dance to a song from the musical Grease. The dog definately dances circles around John Travolta.
Dive Into Shark     (category : Videos)

Ever see someone dive off the side of their boat and not even get their hair wet? Shark diving is becoming a popular alternative sport in some countries.
Doggie Soccer     (category : Videos)

In this funny but graphic video, a soccer player meets his match as he attempts to score a goal against a dog. I bet he will not try that again !
Down Goes Roker     (category : Videos)

Al Roker takes a tumble while doing a news broadcast for the Today Show.
Escape the Sofa     (category : Videos)

Have you ever had one of those days when you just can not get off the sofa no matter how hard you try? In this video, the sofa comes alive. Is their any hope of escaping the sofa?
Euro Super Cop     (category : Videos)

A funny video from Europe. A policeman demonstrates his Super Cop powers as he foils some bank robbers. Is it real or just a dream?
How to Load a Dirt Bike     (category : Videos)

This instructional and educational video demonstrates the proper technique for loading your dirtbike into the back of your vehicle
Japanese Baseball Video     (category : Videos)

Japanese Baseball