Welcome to Pro Webmaker.

This is the first website that I ever built. I originally built this website in the Fall of 2006. I undertook the task of rebuilding it almost exactly 2 years later, in the Fall of 2008.

The first website was quite a learning experience for me. It was all hand-coded html, and it was constructed of framesets. There was a frame for the header, and a frame for the left column as well. I attempted to experiment with a lot of css and javascript and various multimedia, like flash and videos.

Now I have attempted to recapture the original look of the website although I have incorporated many changes as well. It is obviously no longer a frameset document

I have hand written this website in PHP and what you are reading is a news post in a mysql database. I have done much extensive development in PHP, AJAX, javascript, and CSS since I made the original Pro Webmaker website.

I have also done extensive development with PHP Arcade Script V3 and V4, so I tried to write this script I am using here without too much influence from phpas, but that is difficult due to my extensive work with that script.

So far I have only 3 MySql Database tables running this website.

Pro Webmaker