Adventure Games

1-i     (category : Adventure)

This guy would have a very hard time getting glasses!
A Wizard Tale     (category : Adventure)

Guide the wizard through to the castle, help him find books and the princess.
Adventure Game     (category : Adventure)

Guide this guy through the bridge over a river of burning lava!
Adventures of Blob Bob     (category : Adventure)

Help Bob the Blob get fruits, jump onto platform and avoid spikes, worms, dinos and other dangers.
Adventures of Guy - RPG     (category : Adventure)

One day, you wake up, go outside and are attacked when a wizards asks you to go on a quest.
Adventures of Jack     (category : Adventure)

You are a young kid exploring these drug filled streets talk to pimps druggies and others avoid cops arresting you.
An Average Day at School     (category : Adventure)

On your adventure through school, you must select the different choices that come up and not get killed.
Animal arcade     (category : Adventure)

Help the squirrel collect good items to get bonuses, avoid obstacles and enemies!